This Is What God Is Like

Came across this video today, and my immediate response was, “Phhh, just like God.” All pretty and full of rainbows of promise, and then filled with such unfamiliar and unknowable power you’re scared out of your seat. (Whether it’s real or not – and consensus leans toward ‘real’ – the meteorological reality is that this could and does happen, and that is delightfuly nutbars).

This combination is one I think the church has always struggled with – preferring to choose either a snuggly God or an unknowable God of power. We forget that the whole thing is that God is a God of mercy and mystery, judgment and forgiveness, power and humility. We have someone to be close to our hearts, whom we will also never ever be able to now or predict. If you ever find yourself trying to lean towards one or the other, putting God in a smaller box than God claims, what do you think makes you desire that? For me it’s usually fear, that somehow God’s bigness or my inability to understand it means something bad, instead of just something inevitable.

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