Want to grow in your spiritual life? Learn more about the world? Become a better church leader?

Me too. Below are some of the things I have found, benefited, or created to do one or all. Use them as they are helpful, and best wishes on your journey.

Textweek: This is an incredible resource for finding a variety of interpretations on the Bible lectionary passages of the week, ranging from Augustine commentaries to blog posts written yesterday. You can also look up resources by passage, if there’s a particular Scripture you want to think about more deeply. It’s not quick to use because there are dozens of resources and they’re hit or miss, but great for a deep dive.

Mindfulness Bell: If for homework, or pleasure, or whatever you are going to be on the computer for a while, this is a bell you can set to go off at intervals to remind you to take a moment for prayer. Great spiritual practice for bringing our relationship with God into our everyday life.

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